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ACA Jumps FAQ's and Guidelines


Are You Insured?
Great Question, because not all companies that rent inflatables are, but YES, ACA Jumps is fully insured with a 1 million dollar liability insurance policy. Furthermore all of our company vehicles are insured. All inflatables companies are NOT created equal. A copy of our insurance binder is always available to you upon request. A service charge may apply to those wishing to be named as an additional insured on our policy. Any such fee is due and payable once the certificate is requested whether or not the rental ever occurs.

What If The Inflatable Gets Damaged?
Our inflatables are very durable and will hold up well under normal use. The customer however, is responsible for any damage to the Inflatable caused by but not limited to; overloading or allowing individuals in excess of weight limits on or in the inflatable, silly string, gum, food or drink, dirt, shoes, or punctures caused by sharp objects such as jewelry, buttons with pins, etc… Damage charges will be based upon the cost to repair plus any lost business. In addition if any inflatable, not designated for wet use, it found wet at pick up time (for other than weather related causes) the customer will be charged for set up, drying, repair and re-rolling expenses at a rate of $500. These additional charges will need to be paid immediately.

Can An Inflatable Be Set Up Near My Pool?
No. All inflatables must be set up a safe distance away from a pool or waterfront. Furthermore, unless the inflatable has been designated safe for wet use, you must make every effort to keep the inflatable dry at all times. At no time should water balloons, hoses, squirt guns, etc be allowed anywhere near or in the inflatable. If any inflatable, not designated for wet use, it found wet at pick up time (for other that weather related causes) you will be charged for set up, drying, repair and re-rolling expenses at a rate of $500. These additional charges will need to be paid immediately.

What Is Your Rain / Bad Weather Policy?
We understand that weather can change quickly, and since we do not claim to be able to predict the weather or have any control over weather, we utilize the following NO HASSLE Weather Policy: During periods of severe weather conditions (i.e. rain, high winds, etc.), for safety reason we reserve the right to cancel your reservations. On the day of your rental, if weather conditions are not predicted to be adverse, we may give you the option of accepting delivery or not. If the rental is ultimately cancelled, we prefer that you reschedule. If rescheduling is not possible, we will, in this case, refund your deposit. On the other hand, if we agree to deliver and decide to accept delivery, there will be no refunds or credits issued regardless of how long you were able to use the inflatable! Please NOTE: If the inflatable gets wet everyone must exit until the rain stops and the unit is dried.
THE INFLATABLE MUST NOT BE USED WHEN WET or WHEN WINDS ARE 15 MPH OR MORE or exceed the manufactures guidelines. Once wet, inflatables becomes very slippery and dangerous. Once the rain stops you can dry the unit with towels. Once dry the inflatable should be again safe to use.

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?
If it becomes necessary to cancel your rental you may do so but your down payment will be forfeited. Our inventory books out quickly and by reserving a unit it is taken out of our available inventory and most likely will not be able to be rented in a timely fashion. THIS DOES NOT apply to cancellations due to severe weather.

How Late Can You Pick Up The Inflatable?
We will pick up the equipment sometime as close to the listed end time on your rental agreement as possible. Depending upon the day that may be exactly at that time or up to several hours later. Our latest end time varies by the season and the amount of daylight hours. We always strive to complete pickups prior to darkness, so that: 1) our crew can properly inspect the equipment 2) no equipment is accidentally left behind and 3) with temperature change comes condensation which is not good for the inflatables 4) our crew can work safely and arrive home at a reasonable hour themselves. Ultimately you are responsible for the equipment until we pick up.

Should I Tip The Delivery Crew?
Our delivery crew wants you to be totally satisfied with your ACA Jumps rental experience. They will consult with you on a proper set up location and go over all operational guidelines and safety rules before they leave. Providing a high level of customer service is part of their job. While tips are never expected, should you feel that our crew provided you an exceptional level of service and is deserving of a tip, they are certainly ALWAYS APPRECIATED.

Can You Set Up Inflatables Inside?
Yes, our units can be set up inside PROVIDED there is sufficient room. For inside set ups you will need to have enough ceiling height to accommodate the unit with ample clearance space from any lights, vents or any other hazards that may be present. Some units are 18+ ft. high. Generally garages, basements, family/rec. rooms in residential dwellings do not accommodate the height or overall size of our units. Many commercial halls, school gyms, park & rec. facilities, church halls, town meeting rooms, etc. will do just fine however. You, the customer are responsible to ensure the inflatable will fit. If the unit does not fit once we arrive payment is still due in full.

How Far Away From The Electrical Outlet Can You Set Up?
100 feet is the maximum distance allowable between the inflatable and the source of electrical power. Here’s why: We carry LOTS of extension cords on our trucks and are often asked: why can’t you just run more cord? Simply stated: the longer the distance the greater the loss of power. Even with the heavy duty commercial grade extension cords we use, the voltage drop over 100 feet is significant. The fan motor which keeps the inflatable inflated requires a set amount of voltage at all times. When excessive amount of cords are run, the voltage drops causing the fan motor to run slower and hotter. This can result in 1) tripped circuit breakers and/or fire 2) fan motor failure 3) slow fan motor speed and inadequate inflation. In cases where the set up location is more than 100 feet away we will require the use of a portable electric generator. ACA Jumps rents generators for $65/day, however, they are not routinely carried on our delivery trucks and must be reserved in advance.

How Much Electricity Does The Inflatable Use?
Our inflatables use very little electricity. Generally each inflatable has one blower (fan) which runs continuously and keeps the unit inflated. Each blower draws approximately 6 to 12 amps when running. A standard 110 volt 3 prong grounded outlet located within 100 feet is required for operation. It is best that the outlet (or circuit that the outlet is located on) not be shared with any other equipment. If you are renting multiple inflatables, then we strongly suggest that you identify and make sure that additional separate circuits are available within the 100 feet limit. ACA Jumps does rent portable electric generators if conditions require, however, they are not routinely carried on our delivery trucks and must be reserved in advance.

How Much Room Do I Need?
All the dimensions of each of our inflatables are listed on our web site page which features that specific piece. Please add approximately two feet to each measurement to provide proper clearance of fences, buildings, wires, over-hanging trees, etc. Other important considerations are: 1) that the area is fairly level, for safety reasons we do not set up on hills 2) an electrical outlet must be within 100 feet 3) any sprinkler heads and/or irrigation lines should be clearly identified. We don’t want to damage your sprinkler system when anchoring down our inflatable.

Can An Inflatable Be Set Up On My Driveway?
For safety reasons, Inflatables should always be set up on a grassy area. Occasionally, a customer cannot fit the desired piece due to yard configuration or size. If we can not fit the Inflatable anywhere else but in your paved driveway, that may be acceptable. Driveway set up is always a last option, and is always at the discretion of ACA Jumps. If you suspect that you may or will need to set up on any surface other than grass, please let us know ahead of time so that we can bring along our sand bag anchoring system. If we are not informed ahead of time we will most likely not be prepared for pavement set up. Our giant slides require grass set up. Inflatables may NEVER, under any circumstances, be set up on beach sand, sand, dirt, or gravel driveways of any kind. Serious injury to patrons or damage to the Inflatable could occur.

Is Delivery And Set Up Included In The Price?
Delivery, setup/pickup is FREE to locations within 15 miles of our warehouse location. Event locations that require additional travel time to get there do have a delivery fee in addition to the rental fee. If a delivery fee is charged for your area, it is only one flat fee regardless of the number of items that you are having delivered that day.

To ensure the safety of you and your guests as well as our equipment, ACA Jumps includes as part of our rental agreement that you become familiar with and agree to implement the following:

Maximum number of people in an inflatable:

Children 6 & Younger -6 kids

Children 7yrs-12yrs -5 kids

Teens (13 and18)-4 teens

Adults (18 and up)-2 Adults

  • Always operate Inflatable under adult supervision.

  • Extra caution and supervisions are required for children ages three (3) and under.

  • Individuals with head, neck, back or other muscular-skeletal injuries, pregnant women, small infants and others who may be susceptible to injury from falls, bumps or bouncing are not permitted in the inflatable at any time.

  • No flips, somersaults or extreme horseplay in the inflatable.

  • Remove shoes, glasses, keys and jewelry before entering inflatable.

  • No sharp objects allowed inside inflatable.

  • No hanging on or climbing of the safety netting.

  • Separate groups of children according to size while using the inflatable.

  • No “Silly String” “Slime” or Sticky toys allowed in or around inflatable. Should “Silly String” come in contact with the inflatable, it would cause irreparable damage and a $500.00 FINE will be enforced.

  • NO water balloons, soaker balls, squirt guns or anything relating to water are allowed in the Inflatables! Do not allow any occupant to enter with wet clothing IE: occupant just exited a pool, sprinkler, etc. If the unit is found to be wet other than from a rain event a $500 FINE will be enforced.

  • In case of rain and/or lightning, have children exit inflatable and turn off motor.

  • In case of accidental power outage to unit, have children exit inflatable then check for disconnection.

  • Do not use the inflatable during periods of rain or excessive winds (15 mph or greater). In the event of severe weather, (lightning, thunder, rain or high winds) instruct all occupants to immediately exit the inflatable and DO NOT allow re-entry until the weather clears and inflatable is DRY.

  • No hot objects, smoking, or fires are allowed in or near any inflatable.

  • No Gum, Candy, Food or Drinks are allowed inside any inflatable.

  • No jumping down any slide surface. Participants must come down any slide surface one at a time w/feet first.

  • Do not run or jump through the door into or out of the inflatable.

  • Do not jump on the entry step of any inflatable.

  • Do not climb on the exterior of the inflatable.

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